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International Conference on Environmental Sustainability 2022
03 - 04 March 2022
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Day-1: Thursday, 3rd March 2022

9:00 9:45 Registration
9:45 10:00 Guests to be seated
10:00 10:05 Recitation from the Holy Quran
10:05 10:15 Welcome Address Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar (Director, USPCASW)
10:15 10:25 Objectives of the conference Prof. Dr. Kamran Ansari (Conference Convener, USPCASW)
10:25 10:35 Speech by Guest of Honor Prof. Dr. M. Aslam Uqaili (Former Vice Chancellor, MUET)
10:35 10:45 Speech by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali (Vice Chancellor, MUET)
10:45 11:00 Address by the Chief Guest Mr. Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon (Secretary, Universities & Boards Department)
11:00 11:10 Remarks & Vote of Thanks Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed (Chief Execeutive, HANDS)
11:10 11:15 Presentation of Souvenirs
11:15 11:45 Tea & Networking

PLENARY SESSION - I (Auditorium)
Session Chair Dr. Zeeshan Khatri
Session Co-chair Ms. Uzma Imran
Time Speaker Organization Title of Talk
11:45 12:05 Dr. Sonke Widderich Deputy Head Medico International Germany The Impact of Interventions for “Lighting Lives in Pakistan, & Water for Life.
Reduction of the Local CO2 Emission and Support to the Rural Health Program.
12:05 12:25 Prof. Dr. Syed Tufail Ahmed Sheerazi National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, UoS Sustainable Strategy to Control the Land Pollution
12:25 12:45 Dr. Naveed Iftikhaar Co-founder, Urban Innovation, Islamabad Sustainable cities under Climate Change
12:45 13:00 Questions & Answers Session
13:00 13:10 Souvenir and Shield Distribution
13:10 14:10 Lunch Break/Prayers

Technical Session 1 (A) - Auditorium Water & Wastewater Treatment
Session Chair Dr. Zubair Ahmed
Session Co-chair Dr. Syed Sara Hassan
14:10 14:20 Satesh Kumar Devrajani USPCAS-W Water Treatment Plant Design for the City of Mithi, Tharparkar
14:20 14:30 Syed Wamiq Ali NED Design and fabrication of microbial fuel cell for secondary treatment of industrial waste water
14:30 14:40 Rabeea Zafar NUST Comparative analysis and effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and diisopropanolamine (DIPA) on antibiotic resistant bacteria
14:40 14:50 Bakhtawar Pirzada USPCAS-W The Disinfectant Properties of Suspensions of Herbal Extracts with Tannic Acid: An Antibacterial Study Against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus
14:50 15:00 Sadaf Tagar USPCAS-W Microbial Assessment of Water, Meat, and Meat Contact Surfaces for the Presence of Hygiene Indicator Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Salmonella
15:00 15:10 Tamt-ul-Nisa USPCAS-W Total Organic Carbon Removal from Formaldehyde containing wastewater through Electrocoagulation
15:10 15:20 Shield and Certificate Distribution
Technical Session 1 (B) - Conference Room Water Resource Management & Geohazard
Session Chair Dr. Abdul Latif Qureshi
Session Co-chair Dr. Arjumand Zaidi
14:10 14:20 Farah Diba
Rainwater harvesting in Semi-Arid Areas of Karachi
14:20 14:30 Ali Raza Mallano USPCAS-W Assessment Of Suitability Of Groundwater Quality For Drinking And Irrigation Purposes, And Its Impact On Soil Fertility Of Muhammad Khan Distributary Command Area
14:30 14:40 Sohail Kibria NESPAK, Lahore Geohazards Induced by Earthquakes and Their Mitigation
14:40 14:50 Abdul Rehman Kori USPCAS-W Hydrodynamic Groundwater Study of Muhammad Khan Distributary Command, the Sub-Region of LIB, Sindh, Pakistan
14:50 15:00 Rabia Liaquat Ali USPCAS-W Hydrological Modeling of Pishin-Lora Water Basin, Balochistan
15:00 15:10 Jasra Rehman USPCAS-W Automated processing of satellite data to map temporal water extents and water surface levels at Tarbela Reservoir using ArcGIS Model Builder
15:10 15:20 Noman Irshad USPCAS-W Soil Salinity Mapping of District Badin using Remote Sensing Techniques
15:20 15:30 Shield and Certificate Distribution
15:30 16:00 Tea & Networking
Technical Session 2 - Auditorium Solid Waste Recycling
Session Chair Dr. Abdul Razaque Sahito
Session Co-chair Dr. Muhammad Safar Korai
16:00 16:10 Engr. Fahad Saleem NESPAK Private Limited Comparative study of windrow and in-vessel composting of solid waste (A Cost Effective Recycling and Reuse Strategy)
16:10 16:20 Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Gadhi USPCAS-W Production of Standard Quality Biofertilizer from Underutilized Waste Biomass for Crop and Land Application
16:20 16:30 Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Gadhi USPCAS-W Controlled Carbonization of Agriculture Waste to Produce Standard Biochar
16:30 16:40 Mr. Najeebullah Channa USPCAS-W Sustainable Handling of Textile Wastewater Sludge Through Organic Waste Co-Digestion and the Biogas Production
16:40 16:50 Shield and Certificate Distribution
19:00 22:00 Conference Dinner

DAY-2: Friday, 4th March 2022

Session Chair Prof. Dr. Kamran Ansari
Session Co-chair Ms. Maliha Abbas Zaidi
Time Speaker Organization Title of Talk
9:00 9:20 Dr. Awais Khatri Textile, MUET Sustainable Manufacturing
9:20 9:40 Dr. Zubair Ahmed USPCAS-W Sustainable industrial growth through Eco innovation
9:40 10:00 Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed NED Climate change & WEF Nexus
10:00 10:15 Questions & Answers Session
10:15 10:30 Souvenir and Shield Distribution
10:30 11:00 Tea and Networking

Technical Session 3 (A) - Auditorium Water & Wastewater Treatment
Session Chair Dr. Naveed Ahmed
Session Co-chair Dr. Muhammad Rizwan
11:00 11:10 Ghazanfar Mujtaba USPCAS-W Assessment of groundwater quality of Tando Allahyar-II distributary command area
11:10 11:20 Mehran Ali Qureshi USPCAS-W Biosynthesized gold/titanium oxide (Au/TiO2) metal/metal oxide nanoparticles and their photocatalytic degradation in dyes
11:20 11:30 Zohaib Ali USPCAS-W A review of the Oil and water separation by using modified membranes
11:30 11:40 Mr. Najeebullah Channa USPCAS-W Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Reject Water through Combined Adsorption Distillation technique
11:40 11:50 Noor-un-Nisa Ghanghro USPCAS-W Eco-friendly remedy against clarithromycin-resistant and sensitive bacteria isolated from tap-water
11:50 12:00 Shield and Certificate Distribution
Technical Session 3 (B) - Conference Room Green Building Infrastructure
Session Chair Dr. Abdul Khaliq Ansari
Session Co-chair Dr. Sheeraz Ahmed Memon
11:00 11:10 Khubaib Zafar
An analysis of rooftop solar photovoltaic potential and carbon emissions reduction
11:10 11:20 Saddam Hussain CECOS A step towards improving energy efficiency in residential buildings of kp, in the light of national energy conservation policy of pakistan
11:20 11:30 Azadi Memon
(Green Energy) Future to sustainability; Power Generation through Piezoelectricity.
11:30 11:40 Ateeq-ur-Rehman Developex Engineering in Construction Important Aspects for Environment Sustainability
11:40 11:50 Saima Gulzar School of Architecture & Planning, Lahore Exploring the concept of sustainability in architectural practices of Pakistan
11:50 12:00 Sania Rehman Memon Architecture, MUET Innovative Architecture and Industrialization Building System in Construction Industry of Pakistan
12:00 12:10 Saima Gulzar School of Architecture & Planning, Lahore Evaluation of the regional context to achieve the cost effectiveness: A study of residences in Uch Sharif, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
12:10pm 12:20 Shield and Certificate Distribution
12:00 12:05 Conference Report Prof. Dr. Kamran Ansari
12:05 12:15 Recommendations of the Conference Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar
12:15 12:25 Speech by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali
12:25 12:40 Speech by Chief Guest Senator Nisar Memon (Chairman, WEF)
12:40 12:50 Speech by Project Director, Tearfund Ms. Sumayya Sajjad (Project Director, tearfund)
12:50 13:00 Vote of Thanks Prof. Dr. Khan Muhammad Brohi (Dean, Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering, MUET)
13:00 13:30 Lunch/Prayers